Our Products And Services

Our Products and Services

PinkMeUp will provide instruction for beauty for students registered within our programs. We believe to generate revenues from both tuition, sale of classroom materials and beauty products and house call beauty services. We also believe that we will receive a notable number of applicants as individuals try to acquire new opportunities in light of the current economic trends within the beauty industry in South Africa central to Gauteng.

This is especially true as the demand for individuals seeking beauty and cosmetology licenses has increased greatly over the past five year given the current economic climate within South Africa and other Africa Countries.

Our service offerings are listed below.

PinkMeUp Institution offers Further Qualification and Training Certificate in Beauty


  • Registration fee of R2500 is required before commencing.Remaining fees to be paid monthly.

  • The amount above includes Registration Fee,Uniform,Towels,Starter kit for each module,Portfolio,Daily lunch with juice,Free Wifi

  • Excludes exam and Graduation Fee

  • This is a full year course.

  • Each student is required to complement assessments,build a portfolio of evidence and write exams before getting qualification.

  • Monday - Friday

  • 9am - 4pm

Full course includes these following modules
  • Full Nail Course

  • Hot & Swedish Massage

  • Facials

  • Waxing& Sugaring

  • Mapping,Threading ans Tint

  • 4 Types of Eyelashes

  • Makeup:day,bridal and evening look

  • 9am - 4pm

    The purpose of the qualification is to offer a dynamic, professional development and knowledge to those looking to grow and work in the beauty industry. Manicurist usually grow from being a manicurist and do a full beauty course. We offer short courses to cater for everyone who is willing to learn a skill and grow in the industry and start their own businesses. Customer service is taught as it run a long way, self-discipline is our priority as we work with skin as well as person to person in this industry.

    The qualification is awarded at the end or completion of each module covers and to people that have demonstrated skills of their work. After the qualification, the graduate can then perform work in a professional manner at any beauty salon or spa.

    Entry Requirements

    • Grade 11

    • ID or Passport

    • We also offer short-courses selective from our full qualification


    • COMBO 1
      Diploma in Beauty

      Microblading, 4Types of Lashes, Brow Maping,Thread and Tint 3months

      R18 000
    • COMBO 2

      Massage(hotstone and Swedish) Facials,Waxing,Sugaring,Lashes,Makeup 3months

      R15 000
    • COMBO1
      Full Nail Course

      4 types of Lashes,Hot and Swedish Massage


    Drama Short Courses

    • Full Nail Course
    • Hotstone &
      Swedish Massage
      R10 000
    • Facials
      R5 000
    • Brow mapping

      waxing & Threading
      R7 500
    • Thai Massage
      R2 000
    • Sports Massage
      R2 000
    • Dermaplaning
      R5 000
    • Microneddling
      R5 000
    • Microblading (with basic kit)
      R12 000
    • Microblading (with business kit)
      R15 000
    • Microblading + shading (basic kit)
      R15 000
    • Microblading +shading (business kit)
      R18 000
    • Microblading +shading (business kit)
      R18 000
    • Exam Fee R500 per subject
    • Graduation Fee R1500


    Acrylic Nails + Gelish toes with Exfoliation
    R700 Book Now
    • PACKAGE 2
    • Brow Thread +Tint,Classic Lash